Istanbul Based Photographer
​​​​​​Arman Kuzel was born in 1982 in Istanbul . He is a photographer who takes shots of the reflections of cosmopolitan city life and captures storie's of people in each frame. He imagines himself stopping the time and shot the moment and changes in the chaos of life. All his exposures are truly unique .
As he wants spend more time on his photography projects he works as a freelance photographer. Arman Kuzel was graduated from master of bussiness management. He is still living in Istanbul and continue to spend most of his free time taking photos.
"During 2017, he awarded with an AFIAP (Artiste Federation Internationale de L’ Art Photographique) degree from International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)."



Nilüfer Photography Festival (Nilüfer Fotoğraf Şenliği - İFSAK 60.Yaşında 60 Fotoğrafla) - Group Exhibition
Bursa, Turkey - 2019
Istanbul Fotoğraf Dernekleri Platformu "About Human (İnsana Dair)" Group Exhibition - Turkey 2019
IFSAK 25th Istanbul Photography Days "Chain Exhibitions " Group Exhibition - Turkey 2018
IFSAK 24th Istanbul Photography Days "Chain Exhibitions" Group Exhibition - Turkey 2016
40 Haramiler - "Face Stories (Yüz Hikayeleri)" Group Exhibition - Istanbul, Turkey 2014
40 Haramiler - People Stories (İnsan Hikayeleri) - Group Exhibition - Istanbul, Turkey 2013

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